The role of a confidential advisor

This animated movie explains in English the role of a confidential advisor according to Dutch law. It is very useful for international organizations with English speaking employees. You can use this movie for free and if you would like to have it edited according to you corporate logo, we can offer you various options. Interested? Please visit this page>>>

As an additional service, you can download the text of this movie here>>>

COPYRIGHT: You may use the text for the organization(s) where you are confidential advisor however it is copyrighted by VAN OSS & PARTNERS. The text cannot be forwarded to anyone other than the organization for which you are confidential advisor. It also cannot be sold to organizations where you are external confidential advisor without consulting VAN OSS & PARTNERS.

Uitleg functie vertrouwenspersoon ongewenste omgangsvormen + vertrouwenspersoon integriteit